Meester Gets Roomate

If you watch "Gossip Girl" it's totally okay, I won't judge you. I too would watch, simply to stare at Leighton Meester for an hour--in my opinion one of the hottest girls on television. Instead I choose to obsess over phony nude pictures of her online, but to each his own.

Finally Meester is getting a chance to show her shit on the big screen, as she is set to star in the thriller THE ROOMMATE. In it, she'll play Sara, a college student who is randomly assigned to a freshman dorm with a stranger named Rebecca. Things turn deadly when Rebecca becomes obsessed and begins targeting people in Sara's life. Sounds kind of like SINGLE WHITE FEMALE for the college set. Christian E. Christiansen (who rivals McG for worst director name) is directing and the role of Rebecca has yet to be cast. Man, if Kathy Bates wasn't eighty years old she'd be perfect!
Extra Tidbit: Who would you choose to play Meester's nemesis?
Source: THR



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