Meet Bill trailer

Wow, Aaron Eckhart has really let himself go. Fortunately Elizabeth Banks and Jessica Alba haven't, and it looks like they're gonna be assaulting us with their varied hotness one at a time, tag-team style. And that is something I am very much in support of. The trailer looks like fun, it kind of reminds me of the massively underrated THE WEATHER MAN, except without the homosexual pedophilia or (hopefully) the flagrant camel toe. The film is about a man (Eckhart) reduced to a mere accessory to his family by working a dead end job at his father-in law's bank and arguing about his overindulgent love for chocolate with his wife Jess (Elizabeth Banks) who is loathe to explain her "friendship" with the local news anchorman (Timothy Olyphant). Bill's fate begins to change when he becomes mentor to a self-assured boy (Logan Lerman) who engineers Bill's recovery with the help of a cute lingerie sales girl named Lucy (Jessica Alba).

Check the MEET BILL trailer out HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Is it me or was Olyphant blessed with the perfect asshole face?
Source: AOL Movies



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