Megan Fox es bonita

The increasingly busy Megan Fox has signed on to star in another film, this time the Mexico-set thriller THE CROSSING for Screen Gems. In the film, Fox would play one half of a couple on their way back to the US from a Mexican vacation. They're carjacked, the dude is kidnapped and his captors force Fox's character to smuggle heroin across the border to save him.

With Fox's busy schedule - she's currently shooting JONAH HEX and recently signed on to star with Mickey Rourke in PASSION PLAYS and the lead role in the comic adaptation FATHOM - it's surprising that CROSSING is coming together so quickly. The studio is meeting with directors this week and the plan is to get the project together as Fox's next film with shooting scheduled to begin in June.

Byron Willinger and Philip de Blasi wrote the script for the film and hopefully they've included a scene where Fox gets strip searched at the border. A really long scene. Preferably in slo-mo.

Extra Tidbit: You decide: is Megan Fox hotter with the tattoos or would she be hotter without them?
Source: THR



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