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Megan Fox is the focus of the first photos from Friends With Kids


Whether you think Megan Fox can act or not, girl still gets roles.

Maybe she will redeem herself by starring in the relationship comedy, FRIENDS WITH KIDS. The movie centers on a couple (Jennifer Westfeldt and Adam Scott) who observe all the stress children bring to their friends (Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig). So they decide to have a baby but still keep an open relationship and see other people. Fox plays the beautiful woman that Scott's character dates making his lady jealous.

The first photos have popped up on Fox's Facebook page. Naturally she is the main focus, but you can see the side of Adam Scott's face in them. Director/writer/star of the film Jennifer Westfeldt is seen in the photos talking to Scott.

Check out the pics below:

I love you Megan.

Extra Tidbit: Westfeldt has been in a relationship with Hamm for nine years.
Source: Facebook



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