Mel sorta on Mad Max

We've known MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is officially coming, and while director George Miller has stated it would be an Australian production, he hasn't said who was actually behind it. And the series' star Mel Gibson has been cagey when it comes to his own involvement.

Turns out they're tied together -- according to Moviehole, Gibson's company Icon Entertainment is co-producing the movie. Icon has a bit of clout, since they made a few bucks with THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.

That doesn't necessarily mean Mel will slip on the leather again as lawman-turned-road warrior "Mad" Max Rockatansky, yet it's certainly more involved than what he told the Australian Herald Sun just last month about MAX: "Oh gosh, I don't know what [Miller] is up to."

And the movie's new star Tom Hardy apparently doesn't even know who he's playing, so the keys to the Interceptor would seem to be still up for grabs.

Extra Tidbit: Icon also produced Gibson's APOCALYPTO, along with the underappreciated western SERAPHIM FALLS and horror-comedy INFESTATION.
Source: Moviehole



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