Men in Black are back

Here come the Men in Black! *clap clap* Oh, balls... now I have that Will Smith song stuck in my head. And so you do.

After years of discussion, Sony is pushing MEN IN BLACK 3 forward... although the question seems to be who'll wear the dark shades and tailored threads for the next round of E.T.-busting.

Writer Etan Cohen (TROPIC THUNDER) is at work on the script, presumably with the assumption that the same Earth protectors will suit up again. But there's no deal or offer yet for original stars Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, and director Barry Sonnenfeld, although the studio wants the new crackdown on alien scum to start shooting next year.

The hugely profitable first two flicks (over a billion bucks combined worldwide), based on a relatively obscure comic series, followed top secret government agents who police the immigrant extraterrestrial population and various otherworldly threats, usually with ridiculously large guns and lots of viscous goop.

Extra Tidbit: Porn title: MEN IN BLACK MEN.
Source: THR



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