Mendes gets Bad

Eva Mendes has signed on to reteam with her GHOST RIDER co-star Nicolas Cage in the upcoming remake of BAD LIEUTENANT. As we've been told, the film is less a remake and more of a reimagining of the Abel Ferrara cult classic. Director Werner Herzog even told Defamer that "the name of the bad lieutenant is a different one, and the story is completely different." Sooo, why even bother making it a "reimagining" of BAD LIEUTENANT. Just call it CORRUPT COP or something. I'd like to say I could get excited about a project like this but I've just been insanely disappointed by Nic Cage's recent efforts. That he's reteaming with a star of one of his particularly more disappointing efforts, does not fill me with anything other than morbid curiosity. Filming on BAD LIEUTENANT is expected to begin this summer. MENDES can be seen next in the chick-flick comedy THE WOMEN and in Frank Miller's THE SPIRIT.

Extra Tidbit: A pic of Mendes from her acting debut in CHILDREN OF THE CORN 5.
Source: Variety



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