Mendes talks Preacher

Plenty of comic fans got reasonably excited about the recent news that the outstanding DC/Vertigo book PREACHER would finally receive the feature treatment, and under the direction of someone as capable as Sam Mendes (ROAD TO PERDITION).

Apparently it was premature -- as Mendes explains to Empire, "Basically they should have written, ‘Mendes in development with PREACHER’. What I’m doing is, I’ve gotta find a script. I’ve just got to get it written." So while he's jazzed about tackling the controversial material, it's still early days on the project.

The comic (conveniently collected in trade paperbacks, which you should get, pronto) came from the twisted heads of writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon. The story follows a pugilistic Texas preacher who becomes imbued with supernatural power, teams with his amateur assassin ex-girlfriend and an Irish vampire, and sets off to track down God while dodging the Saint of Killers. And yes, it's actually far more insane than that sounds.

Extra Tidbit: Too bad Mendes couldn't lure the property back to HBO or another daring cable outlet...
Source: Empire



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