Metal Gear Solid movie?

I know, I know, haven't we done this dance before? It seems the rumor is back and this time it's Kurt Wimmer who is in the frame to adapt the phenomenal video game METAL GEAR SOLID for the film. Speaking to ComingSoon, producer Michael De Luca said that now that the strike was over, he and Columbia Pictures were gonna meet with Wimmer to talk to him about writing the script, and presumably directing too.

I have a three step procedure that comes into play whenever I hear about video game adaptations. I immediately stop reading and just scan through the article for either 'Paul WS Anderson' or 'Brett Ratner's names. When I get the all-clear, I hold my breath, pick up a noose, and scan for 'Uwe Boll'. When that comes up negative I exhale and read the article. Wimmer is great. Mostly, because I loved EQUILIBIUM, but also by virtue of being none of those guys I mentioned earlier. But ULTRAVIOLET actually made me bleed from the eyeballs, and the girl I saw it with puked into my lap for no reason at all other than what was on screen. Thankfully, I consider that his only mis-step and reports have it that the film was raped by the studio anyway. In conclusion we could do a lot worse.

Metal Gear Solid's story centers on Solid Snake, a retired soldier who infiltrates a nuclear weapons disposal facility to neutralize the terrorist threat from FOXHOUND, a renegade special forces unit. There are of course, twists and turns aplenty. And special bonus: if your child or the kid brother of a chick you're trying to hook up with is playing it, tell him to switch controller ports when he fights Psycho Mantis, he'll think you're a God.
Extra Tidbit: Christian Bale as Solid Snake, I'm just gonna put that out there. Him or Chuck Norris. They're both no-brainers.
Source: ComingSoon



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