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Too bad that CG sci-fi/thriller METROPIA still doesn't have a wide release deal, as I've been looking forward to it since the teaser  and clip appeared a little while ago. Even though it has a quite creepy CG look of realism mixed with disproportion. The fact that Vincent Gallo voices the main character probably adds to the creep factor...

At least the film has a new trailer to show for, although can't say that one does anything for me; the narration kinda kills the dark and brooding undertones of the teaser. The story follows a lonely office worker from a near-future dystopian society who's clued in by his fantasy girl about mind control conspiracies.

The film sports an intimidating European voice cast that includes Udo Kier and the Skarsgard father & son. And non-Euro Juliette Lewis. Kinda strange to name her in that mix. Here's the new trailer right down there, with hopes that a release date, if only on DVD, will soon follow.

Extra Tidbit: Anybody seen Gallo's BROWN BUNNY? Curious to know if it lives up to its controversy.
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