MGM takes down another, is the next Bond film canceled?

It's been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride with MGM.

The stress of the studios financial woes are causing some rather anticipated projects a hell of a lot of problems.

One of the films in limbo is THE HOBBIT. Today we reported on Ian McKellan's frustration with the film's production. McKellan is a busy man and is trying to get filming moving along. Before this, the delays got to potential director, Guillermo del Toro who gracefully bowed out as director.

Now, Ain't it Cool News is reporting that MGM has axed development on the new Bond film. Site creator Harry Knowles doesn't go into much detail on the subject other than to say that MGM has royally f*cked up. He says that if someone doesn't buy this studio than we may never see a Bond film helmed by Sam Mendes and written by Peter Morgan (FROST/NIXON). Knowles begs for someone, anyone to run this studio properly instead of selling the pieces of the studio thereby messing up good films from getting made.

Is MGM really f*cked up beyond repair? Honestly, it's not going to come down to the fact that we will never see another Bond film again. We will one day, just set up at somewhere else. I was really anticipating the next adventure of Daniel Craig as 007, but with everything going on at MGM we won't be seeing it anytime soon.

Let the bitching begin...

Extra Tidbit: What the hell is going on in the film industry these days?! It's all 3D conversions, remakes, and delays on potentially awesome films.
Source: AICN



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