MGM trying to bring Bond back to life by 2012

Well we knew he couldn't stay dead forever, and even though there was talk of any future Bond movies being on indefinite hiatus because of MGM's plight, it was clear he would return at some point. But it might be sooner than we think.

After finally sorting out the mess that is THE HOBBIT (at least we hope it's smooth sailing from here), MGM is turning their focus to their next most major franchise, 007. Buried in a Bloomberg financial report about the company is the news that MGM will push forward with BOND 23, with a partner contributing the filmmaking costs while in turn receiving half the rights. After this stopgap measure, MGM hopes to be able to handle the franchise all on its own.

Before the film ground to a halt, Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig were both attached to the project, and vowed to wait it out. Rachel Weisz was even mentioned as a possible villain for the film. But will any of these folks return? I would assume Craig would, but the others? That's unclear.

What do you think the franchise should change to get audiences enthused again?There seemed to be big support for CASINO ROYALE, but QUANTUM OF SOLACE received far less favor among the public. What does James Bond need to do to be relevant again when he does return?

Extra Tidbit: More charm, less Bourne.
Source: MoviewebBloomberg



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