M:I4 gets official

We heard the rumor the other day, and the mission has officially been accepted.

JJ Abrams and Tom Cruise will attempt to light the wick again on MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4 for Paramount. The collaboration won't be as extensive as M:I3 -- at the moment Abrams is only on board to produce, since he's going to be busy with his successfully relaunched STAR TREK franchise and the dozen or so TV shows and other film projects he's producing. 

Despite previous reports, the duo apparently doesn't have a clear direction for another convoluted espionage tale -- they may stick with the ensemble approach of the original series, or have Cruise's superagent Ethan Hunt acting as mentor to a young new IMF crew. Either way, they'll probably all be chasing something with a catchy name but inevitably superfluous to the plot. (We have to get the "Toothpick"! Tell me where the "Charm Bracelet" is!?)

The studio is hoping for a 2011 release date, which seems hugely optimistic considering Abrams' schedule and Cruise's interest in a handful of other high-profile projects.

Extra Tidbit: Even Cruise playing a Nazi made $200 million worldwide.
Source: THR



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