Michael Bay detonates Chicago in Transformers 3 set video, also produces alien movie

Want to know what Michael Bay is up to on the set of TRANSFORMERS 3? It involves Bumblebee, a car covered with machineguns, a drawbridge, a golf cart and, as expected, explosions. Tyrese, Josh Duhamel and Shia LaBeouf also make appearances to gladhand fans. Check it below.

Meanwhile, the maestro of mayhem is also producing a new extraterrestrial-themed movie known only as "Confidential Alien Project", according to Deadline. In contrast to the $200+ million he'll likely spend on the latest Autobot-Decepticon-human clash, this one will only run around $12 million.

The Paramount movie, described only as having a CLOVERFIELD and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY vibe, will be directed Bobby Glickert, who won over the studio with a pitch and two-minute teaser (although previously working on TRANSFORMERS probably didn't hurt). Platinum Dunes guys Brad Fuller and Andrew Form are also producing. Hey, whatever keeps them away from more cruddy horror remakes.


Extra Tidbit: TRANSFORMERS fans, should I know what that gun-car is supposed to be?



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