Michael Bay to remake Texas Chainsaw

Michael Bay's production company Platinum Dunes will film a remake of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE for Radar Pictures.  The film will be sold to the major US studios with a three-minute promo reel shot by Bay himself.  The CHAINSAW remake is expected to begin filming this spring.  The writer/director of the original Tobe Hooper will be writing a draft of the script, but it's not 100% that his version will be the shooting script. A final decision on writers and a director has not been made (but don't expect to see Michael Bay behind the camera). It certainly does sound strange that the same guy who brought us PEARL HARBOR will be bringing us a TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake, but he started this new production company with these types of films in mind - low-budget, genre, commercial films.  Could it possibly hold-up to the original? Will Ben Affleck star as Leatherface?

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Source: Variety
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