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Michael Bay's found footage film Welcome to Yesterday pushed back


When I first saw the trailer for WELCOME TO YESTERDAY, I actually didn’t sneer. I thought it was a nice alternative for the teens to go check out at the theater. Of course there’s a little debauchery, but if you’re that age and have access to a time machine then it’s going to happen.

Unfortunately it seems that the Michael Bay produced found footage film has been pushed back by Paramount. What’s crazy is that the flick was supposed to release in theaters on February 28th but now will debut sometime in Summer or Fall instead.

Insiders state that the push is due to Bay’s busy schedule surrounding TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION. It also gives the studio time to concentrate on marketing. They plan on pairing with MTV to hit that teen demographic over the head with a viral campaign.

Newcomer Dean Israelite serves as helmer on the film.

Source: THR



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