Michael Bay's Secret

Did you know that Michael Bay was filming a Victoria's Secret commercial? Me neither, but here's the photographic proof via Facebook. And before you ask, yes, there is at least one helicopter involved from what I can see. There also appears to be a Bentley, a police cruiser and several scantily clad, impossibly tall women as you might expect.

As fun as it is to rip on Michael Bay's...unique filmmaking style, the man does things like this for a living, and thinking about that will shut you up rather quickly. Also recall that he had Megan Fox wash his Ferrari in order to get a part in his movie which sounds an awful lot like a recurring dream I keep having.

Check out Bay’s handiwork below. How many explosions do you think he’ll manage to fit into a thirty second TV spot?

Extra Tidbit: Honestly, I would totally watch a feature length Victoria's Secret action film helmed by Michael Bay. It would be the man at his essence.
Source: Facebook



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