Michael J. Basset talks his nightmarish vision for Silent Hill 2

Of all the video games that have the potential to be good movies, I'd say the Silent Hill series stands at the top of the list. The games (most of them) were exercises in atmospheric, psychological horror, and that seems like that would translate to the big screen well.

The first attempt at a SILENT HILL movie got a lot of things right in the visuals department, but as a film it wasn't terribly well made. Michael J. Basset, SOLOMON KANE director, is looking to change that in his follow-up film. What's on deck? Bassett explains via Empire. 

"It's early days, and I'm keeping details of the plot secret for now," he told us, "but it's going to be a sequel to the first film whilst trying to remain true to the plot of game 3, and will also work as a stand-alone movie for people who don't know the series."

"It was a real challenge writing it," he tells us, "and I spent a long time revisiting the games and reading just about every little piece of material I could find on the mythology. Of course, my choices may not please everyone, but the ambition is to give the audience a twisted, intense and terrifying experience, following a really interesting story, anchored by a terrific cast giving great performances. It's more than you get from most horror movies these days, I know, but I figure why not aim high and try to bring a bit of quality back to a genre that's rarely treated with respect?"

Basset goes onto say he loved the look of the original film, and wants to bring back as many team members as he can for the sequel. He does seem to be taking it seriously, and I like what he's saying, but the facts don't lie, video game movies are rarely, if ever, worthwhile, for whatever reason, and it's going to take a miracle for SILENT HILL 2 to break that trend.

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Source: Empire



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