Michael Mann and Paul Haggis looking for Gold

I don't think you could find a pair I'm more neutral about than Michael Mann and Paul Haggis. I've never been too wild about much of anything they've done, but I've never loathed any of it either.

Well now the two are coming together for a new project that I will assuredly watch while eating vanilla ice cream. It's called GOLD and I can't get than damn Austin Powers character out of my head now.

The story is said to be an updated variant of THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE, but set in modern times. The official line is that it's about a "ruthless search for a precious metal."

Sure, sounds fine to me, but just tell me this won't be ANOTHER movie based around finding the city of gold, El Dorado. I've seen enough variants of that legend to last me a lifetime, so let's stick to other locations shall we?

No actors are cast yet, and Mann has a lot of other upcoming projects he's circling, so we might not see GOLD realized for a while, but keep your ear out.

Extra Tidbit: I'm frankly surprised we're not on like, AUSTIN POWERS 6 yet. Franchises like that don't usually die these days after a mere three installments.
Source: THR



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