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Michael Mann in talks to direct police thriller The Big Stone Grid

Feb. 14, 2012by:

Michael Mann has recently turned his attention to television with HBO's "Luck", the behind-the-scenes look at the world of horse racing with "Deadwood" creator David Milch. But for awhile there, the filmmaker seemed to be going back and forth quite a bit between a handful of very interesting-sounding movie projects. Today, though, Deadline is reporting that Mann will add yet another new film to his plate of upcoming potentials: a hard-edged police thriller titled THE BIG STONE GRID.

The script, written on spec by S. Craig Zahler (THE INCIDENT), is said to be in the vein of thrillers such as SEVEN and MARATHON MAN and follows "two decorated detectives who uncover a terrifying extortion ring that operates within the secret underbelly of New York City." The plan now is for Mann to do a pass on Zahler's script (possibly relocating the action to L.A. once more?).

Deadline also says that Mann's next film will most likely be GO LIKE HELL, about "the duel between Ford vs. Ferrari for sports car supremacy in the 60s", though knowing how many projects Mann has in varying stages of active development, I wouldn't doubt that that would change to something else entirely.
Source: Deadline


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12:13PM on 02/14/2012
He directed the pilot episode of Luck. It was vintage Mann as well as a great episode.
He directed the pilot episode of Luck. It was vintage Mann as well as a great episode.
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Latest Movie News Headlines

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