Michael Pena offered a role in Edgar Wright's Ant-Man alongside Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd

ANT-MAN news is pouring in now that both Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas have been confirmed for the roles of Hank Pym and Scott Lang in Edgar Wright's anticipated Marvel movie. With the primary roles cast, attention turns to the supporting players. The first name to be dropped is that of Michael Pena who has been offered an undisclosed role in the film, according to The Wrap.

There is no word on who Pena could be playing, we know from a casting call for the film that Wright is looking for a wide array of ethnicities, genders, and ages to portray comedic roles in the film. With Rudd playing Lang and Wright saying ANT-MAN will feel more like a heist movie than a superhero film, I am going to guess that Pena may be playing part of Lang's crew of criminals that jack the ANT-MAN suit from Pym's laboratory.

Michael Pena is a good actor who has pulled off both dramatic and comedic roles in films like END OF WATCH, CRASH, 30 MINUTES OR LESS, WORLD TRADE CENTER, EASTBOUND AND DOWN, and the upcoming David Ayer WWII film FURY. I can see him playing both styles nicely and he should make for a good support or foil for both Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd.

ANT-MAN hits theaters on July 31, 2015.

Source: The Wrap



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