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Michael Shannon has a gambling problem in the trailer for Wolves


An 18-year-old basketball star who is being recruited by Cornell University seems to have it all figured out: captain of his team, a good student, has a longtime girlfriend and some good friends. But at home he's struggling with his troubled father (Michael Shannon) who has a gambling addiction. His mother (Carla Gugino) tries to keep the family afloat but does so with great emotional and financial sacrifice. Check out the first trailer for the basketball drama, WOLVES, below!

WOLVES looked like a great little basketball drama . . . for the first minute. I'd say this trailer overstays its welcome and goes on to display some melodrama that's a little too much to digest in just a trailer. Still, the visual aesthetic looks pretty decent and the actors solid. Here's hoping that paves the way for WOLVES to deliver a genuine drama.

WOLVES will open on March 3, 2017.

Source: IFC Films



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