Mickey Rourke as Conan's Dad and King Hyperion?

Mickey Rourke is a wanted man.

Apparently, Rourke is being courted by by Millennium Films and Lionsgate to join CONAN. Who is the actor in negotiations to play? Father of Conan (Jason Momoa), Corin.

Back in January, it was rumored that the role of Corin was being offered to Rourke. I guess he's decided to snatch it up.

This is just too much news for me to handle! Jason Momoa, Mickey Rourke, 3D!!!

Rourke has done a great job bouncing back, but nothing about this project has particularly seemed to wow anyone. Maybe I'm wrong, if you are looking forward to this...please by all means, comment below.

The other role Rourke is negotiating for is the part of King Hyperion in the film WAR OF GODS. The film is being directed by Tarsem Singh (THE FALL). Henry Cavill and Freida Pinto will star.

Rourke may have to choose between the two as CONAN begins shooting in Bulgaria in March and WAR OF THE GODS begins April 7th. Next we will see Rourke as Whiplash in IRON MAN 2.

Extra Tidbit: Was he really offered the role of Axel Foley in BEVERLY HILLS COP? I just can't imagine anyone but Eddie Murphy as Foley. Okay, maybe Charlie Murphy.
Source: Deadline



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