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Mickey Rourke excited about dogs while talking about Genghis Khan


A few days after announcing that he was playing Genghis Khan, Mickey Rourke sat down with MTV to give more details on the project.

In one of the more interesting interviews I've seen with Rourke, he talks about how great of a writer John Milius (APOCALYPSE NOW) is, how epic the movie is going to be, and his excitement over large dogs in battle.

There's also some humor in this film as well, which sort of confuses me. I guess a Mongolian emperor is entitled to have a funny bone.

Just watch it. Be amused or bothered...whichever you choose.

Extra Tidbit: His interactions with the dog only remind me of Christopher McDonald's character in DIRTY WORK. "Okay, Cole. Well, it's been nice doing business with you. Now you probably want to go home and kick back and enjoy a nice, tall, cold glass of chihuahua piss or something."
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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