Midnight Meat trailer

After a couple of seasons as a nosy journalist on the TV series ALIAS, Bradley Cooper is snooping around again in the horror flick MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN. Except this time instead of investigating the fine form of Jennifer Garner, he's following Vinnie Jones. Hey, whatever glazes your donuts, man.

The movie is based on a terror tale by Clive Barker and is directed by Japanese import Ryuhei Kitamura (VERSUS, AZUMI, GODZILLA FINAL WARS) making his Hollywood debut. The story involves a photographer who pursues a serial killer known as the "Subway Butcher" beneath the streets of New York. Unsurprisingly, this turns out to be a fairly bad idea.

Judging by the trailer, the movie has the expected slick style of Kitamura and the grisly tone of a Barker story, with a supporting cast that includes genre regular Tony Curran (BLADE II, LXG, UNDERWORLD EVOLUTION), Brooke Shields, Leslie Bibb (who also appears in the now-delayed horror flick TRICK 'r TREAT) and stage veteran Roger Bart, who already got bloody earlier this year in HOSTEL II.

Check out the trailer RIGHT HERE!
Extra Tidbit: For several years, Barker has been working on a feature film based on the disturbing line of TORTURED SOULS figures.
Source: Filmforce



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