Miley Cyrus to star in Paramount's psychological thriller?

To the right you see the erstwhile Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus doing her best to distance herself from the Disney Channel persona that made her famous. While it's true that photo, and others like it, were never made for public consumption (they were leaked by a hacker who gained access to her phone), it looks like Miley is ready to make the leap into more mature fare in the traditional sense.

Miley is in talks to star in the Paramount Pictures/MTV Films thriller WAKE. The film would star Cyrus as a high school senior with the unique ability to see into other people's dreams. It's an annoying but mostly harmless power until she sees the dreams of the new "mysterious loner"/hottie in town Cabel. He's a drug dealer to the wealthy and Miley, the good girl, couldn't possibly be with him. But he's such a bad boy! Their forbidden love becomes too much and so on and so forth.

So, as you can see, it's something less of a "thriller" in the terms that we're most familiar with it and more like a TWILIGHT type movie but instead of vampires, it's just drug dealers. Or are they drug dealers?! Paramount and MTV snatched up the rights to the entire series of books from author Lisa McMann and hope to turn the films into a franchise.

While Miley seems interested in the films, her participation will ultimately hinge on whether or not the script, currently being written by Christopher Landon (DISTURBIA), is up to snuff.

Extra Tidbit: How come there are never any bad boys named Sheldon or Wilbur? They always have names like Cabel.
Source: THR



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