Milla goes blind

This summer Milla Jovovich starred in the thriller THE PERFECT GETAWAY. She also has the thriller THE FOURTH KIND getting great buzz and about to hit theaters next weekend. She's currently up in Toronto filming the fourth installment in the RESIDENT EVIL franchise. So you might think that with all these thrillers, she might want to go film a fluffy romantic comedy or something. Nope. Jovovich has signed on to star in the upcoming thriller FACES IN THE CROWD.

The film will star Jovovich as a woman who suffers from prosopagnosia, a disorder that impairs the ability to recognize faces, after she survives an attack by a serial killer. While it might seem like a bullshit, made-for-the-movies malady, prosopagnosia is an actual disease. In the film, Jovovich's character must deal with her inability recognize who is friend or foe as the killer tries to return to finish the deed.

Julien Magnat will make his US directorial debut on the film based on a script he wrote. Director Sylvain White (STOMP THE YARD, THE LOSERS) will produce the film and act as a mentor to Magnat as he adapts to the Hollywood way of making films. Filming on FACES is scheduled to begin in March.

Extra Tidbit: Jane Goodall suffered from prosopagnosia.
Source: Variety



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