Milla Jovovich says Resident Evil 5 is "definitely" happening

When the fourth film in your modestly budgeted action-horror franchise opens to $28 million, you can almost guarantee another sequel is in the works. This rule applied to THE FINAL DESTINATION (which was set to be the last film in the series) and now applies to RESIDENT EVIL as well. AFTERLIFE had a surprisingly strong weekend and NY Mag caught up with star Milla Jovovich to ask about future plans based on the success this past weekend.

Jovovich, who's in a position to know since she's married to Paul WS Anderson, the director of AFTERLIFE, said "We’re definitely going to make another one." She added that Anderson, with whom she's currently filming a 3D version of THE THREE MUSKETEERS, already has ideas for the sequel but she's seeking out some people who also might have some ideas. Mainly YOU.

She describes their plans for the fifth film as an "interactive process" that includes reaching out to "fans on Twitter" talking to fans of the fils to "see what they want and what characters they want to see." Can I vote for John Rambo? No? Nevermind then.

So let's help Milla and Paul out! What do you think should happen in RESIDENT EVIL 5 and what characters from the games would you like to see finally make an appearance?

Extra Tidbit: I haven't played "Resident Evil" since the first game came out on Playstation in 1996.
Source: NY Mag



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