Miller does Buck Rogers

With a week until it's release, things are not looking good for THE SPIRIT. Early reviews compared it to John Travolta's infamous flop BATTLEFIELD EARTH and The Hollywood Reporter said it was "truly a mess." One colleague of mine on the web said Frank Miller would never direct again. With the negative tide turning against Miller's SPIRIT that seemed to be the case but today we get word that he's already in negotiations for his next directorial gig. Miller will write and direct BUCK ROGERS for Odd Lot Entertainment (the same production company behind THE SPIRIT) based on the classic golden era sci-fi series. As you might expect Miller is expected to bring a "darker" take to BUCK ROGERS and will utilize his "signature visual elements." Oy. BUCK ROGERS via SIN CITY? I'll pass. While Miller is also working on a SIN CITY sequel/prequel, BUCK is expected to be his priority project. So now I turn to you, dear reader. Do you have any plans to see THE SPIRIT next week despite the bad buzz? Would you have any interest in a Frank Miller version of BUCK ROGERS?

Extra Tidbit: I always get BUCK ROGERS and FLASH GORDON confused...
Source: JoBlo.com



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