Miller is Maid Marian

Sienna Miller Sexy British minx Sienna Miller has revealed to BBC News that she'll be portraying Maid Marian, the object of both Robin Hood's and the Sheriff of Nottingham's affection, in the upcoming Ridley Scott directed and Russell Crowe starring action drama NOTTINGHAM. The story puts a twist on the ole Robin Hood robbing from the rich and giving to the poor tale by making Hood the bad guy and Nottingham the stoic, noble protagonist whom (presumably) Marian wants to bang. Miller also mentions that with the looming SAG strike threatening to once again send Hollywood into creative chaos the likes of which makes the previous writer's strike look like peanuts, there's a possibility, albeit very small, that the film won't make it to production. In the meantime, we can see Miller's smoking hot ass in ridiculously tight leather as the villainous Baroness in the upcoming G.I. JOE adaptation.

Sienna Miller

Extra Tidbit: Though she grew up in the UK, Miller was born in New York.
Source: BBC News



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