Miller, Marlowe & Owen!

Now here's a movie I'm already dying to see. Universal has set Frank Miller to write an adaptation of Raymond Chandler's TROUBLE IS MY BUSINESS for Clive Owen to star. Don't think that the Owen/Miller/SIN CITY successful combination was lost on Universal. After Owen signed on to produce Chandler adaptations at the studio, BUSINESS was chosen because the studio felt it was similar to Owen's work in SIN CITY. Says Owen of getting Miller aboard to write the script: "Miller adapting Chandler seemed like a perfect match." Universal is hoping BUSINESS will be the first in a series of Chandler adaptations that would have Owen starring as Philip Marlowe. The only disappointing thing is that the project may be a ways off. Miller is still busy working on his directorial debut, THE SPIRIT, and likely wouldn't be able to spend much time on the script until that project is complete (unless of course he's been working on it on the sly and is almost done).

Extra Tidbit: BUSINESS tells the tale of Marlowe hired to investigate the showgirl wife of a wealthy heir who suspects she might be a golddigger.
Source: Variety



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