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Miller on Sin City 2


It's just a few months before we can decide if Frank Miller's fruit-flavored solo feature directing debut THE SPIRIT is hypnotic or tragic, but it sounds like he's already preparing to take a trip back to the place where you can find anything in the right alley.

The curmudgeonly comic book veteran was recently in Rome to show some SPIRIT clips (which apparently including Eva Mendes' naked butt, so he probably wasn't at the Vatican) and mentioned that he was "very close" to beginning SIN CITY 2 with cohort Robert Rodriguez. He also grumbled (I presume) that he had no plans to return to comics, opting instead to take his work right to the big screen in the future.

Miller also discussed (from what I can tell) his favorite directors, his general distaste for Hollywood, and this gem of a statement as translated from Italian by the barely comprehensible Babelfish: "It was before the time that Samuel Jackson interpreted a superbad one. I must say it to you, is like an atomic bomb, every day I had to say to calm itself. At the end, with all its enormous guns, seemed a Robot of Transformer."

UPDATE: The site's actual intelligible translation of the whole article is RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Based on what you've seen of THE SPIRIT so far, do you think Miller will need a "sure thing" like a SIN CITY sequel?
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