Miller out of League

Dark Horizons is reporting that director George Miller (HAPPY FEET) is off of the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. According to them, he revealed the news on an Australian talk-show, commenting that if the project does get going again it will be recast, as "the studios seem to want bigger stars in their superhero movies now." Miller also admitted that he wrote another MAD MAX script, which Mel Gibson turned down. Still, he hasn't given up on that one quite yet.

Well it's not often that I can report on what is ostensibly good news for the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. I say 'ostensibly' because look, I've been reporting on this film for a while and let's face it, with Nolan doing his thing there is no light at the end of this tunnel. Until a respected filmmaker signs on, know that somewhere some studio exec is probably thinking it's about time Uwe Boll got a chance with some real quality subject material.
Extra Tidbit: An article from the NY Times about the JUSTICE LEAGUE, wherein I am quoted!
Source: Dark Horizons



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