Miller talks Max 4

George Miller Director George Miller, whose animated tapdancing penguins in HAPPY FEET are currently destroying the competition at the box office, is still pretty damn gung-ho about directing a fourth MAD MAX film. Seeing as how Mel Gibson's a little preoccupied with maculating cultures both ancient and contemporary, however, Miller's keen to reboot the franchise, as it were, with a brand-spanking new hunky actor, mentioning recently to Moviehole, "I’ve had a number of young well-known actors express a lot of interest. They have to want to push the limits – they have to be lean and hungry." Apparently, Paul Walker, who had previously expressed interest in the role, is one of the contenders. Check out the rest of what Miller had to say about it over HERE. In the meantime, Miller can rest easy in the knowledge that his lovable tapdancing penguins will continue to rake him oodles upon oodles of cash.

Extra Tidbit: Miller worked as an emergency room physician before taking a film course at Melbourne University and making the short VIOLENCE IN CINEMA, PART 1.
Source: Moviehole



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