Miller's Buck Rogers?

UPDATE: The short answer to the question posed by the headline and the below article is: nope. Read a slightly longer answer RIGHT HERE at io9.

May 8, 2008 -- Comic guy turned comic movie director Frank Miller is still putting the polish on THE SPIRIT, but he may have already lined up his next legendary hero.

IGN says that Miller plans to direct a live-action feature of famed galactic adventurer BUCK ROGERS. The raygun-wielding pop-culture icon was a military pilot who fell into a coma, only to wake in the 25th Century. The character was made famous in pulp, radio, serials and a supercheesy 80s TV series with irritating robots (Bee-dee Bee-dee Bee-dee).

Miller will reportedly team with Millennium Films (RAMBO and the upcoming CONAN) and writer and current BUCK rights-holder Flint Dille for the project, which will have an intentional camp tone and notably low-tech effects, a possible byproduct of the $40 million budget.
Extra Tidbit: Erin Gray's portrayal of tightly garbed star pilot Wilma Deering (not to mention Princess Ardala) made for many a sleepless night during childhood. Hands above the covers...
Source: IGN



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