Mini-Conan gets cast as well?

I never had time to write a CAST THIS column for Conan before the role went to Stargate Atlantis' Jason Momoa, and now the same role has been cast....again! Well, sort of.

Latino Review is reporting that the role of "Young Conan" has been given to 12 year-old Leo Howard, who you might remember as "Young Snake Eyes" in the incredibly useless subplot of the G.I. JOE movie this summer.

The kid has some pretty wicked martial arts skills for being 12, and I have to guess we'll be treated to at least one pint-sized fight scene before little Conan grows up into big, big Conan. According to LR, it's a pretty decent part and Howard will likely be the main focus of the first fifteen minutes of the film. It would be logical that he would have some pretty substantive scenes with Mickey Rourke, rumored to be playing Conan's father, if that bit of casting does actually come to fruition. 

Not a bad career start kid!

Extra Tidbit: What's next, the lead in the Jr. High reboot of SPIDER-MAN?
Source: Latino Review



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