MirageMan 3D remake

LMirageMan posterots of us have never heard of MirageMan - it's a Chiliean martial arts/superhero film- but we probaly will in the next few months.

Following some success with underground crowds and in genre film fests these last 2 years, the movie's producers announced at this year's Fantastic Fest in Austin that an English-language remake of the film was on its way, AND in 3D just to make Paul Tassi happy - I got your back 'bro!

The original campy action fun-fest stars Latino martial artist and stuntman Marko Zaror as a power-less buttkicker who puts on a ski mask with weird goggles to keep the streets safe. Better to see it than getting my description - things would definitely get lost in translation. Far from Hollywood, but good fun still.

The new remake called DEFENDER 3D already has a website (well, teaser website) while producers are promising a 3D trailer soon. In the mean time, the original will be on the U.S. DVD market on October 6.

Extra Tidbit: That guy looks prime to be recruited in THE EXPENDABLES' inevitable sequel. Along with Wesley Snipes who could use the comeback.
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