Miss Pettigrew poster

I remember a day long ago when I wrote about Frances McDormand and Amy Adams being cast in a comedy called MISS PETTIGREW LIVES FOR A DAY, about a British governess (McDormand) who gets swept up in the glamorous world of an American actress/singer (Adams). And now here I am—like, fifteen years after writing that story—and I’m staring at the one-sheet. When I wrote that story I had so much knowledge to gain and innocence to lose. Now the only thing I’m gaining is weight and the only thing I’m losing is my hairline. This film looks like it will be a jolly night out at the theatre. Amy Adams is now a bonafide and deserved star thanks to the success of ENCHANTED, and when is Frances McDormand not a treat? She’s Marge Gunderson for God’s sake. You can watch Miss Pettrigrew live for just one day when this thing hits on March 7th.

Extra Tidbit: Doesn't Amy Adams look like a cross between Scarlett Johansson and Renne Zelwegger?
Source: impawards.com



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