Mission Impossible 4?

Tom Cruise Eager to reclaim his place as World's Biggest Movie Star rather than his current position as World's Biggest Recovering Lunatic Douchebag, Tom Cruise has apparently decided to fall back on to an always reliable money producing, image softening franchise. A scooper for AICN recently mentioned the following: "Tom Cruise was on the popular SMAP SMAP program here in Japan, and when asked about the Mission Impossible franchise he revealed that he has started work on the fourth installment...he's working on the story right now." He also mentioned a possible action set piece in Tokyo but that could have been to appease the Japanese crowd. Either way, sounds like Tommy boy is hurting for a hit that'll curry favor with the masses. And, of course, make him tons more cash. What do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea? Or who cares about Cruise and his volcano alien ramblings?

Extra Tidbit: Most of you probably don't know this but Tom Cruise is a Scientologist. Yup.
Source: AICN



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