Mitchell cracks Code

Radha Mitchell is one of those actresses that seems to hang in the perpetual balance between obscurity and stardom. She's starred in several high profile films like SILENT HILL, FINDING NEVERLAND, and MELINDA AND MELINDA, but she's never quite been able to write herself a spot on the coveted A-List. I doubt her just-announced role in THE CODE will help that plight either.

I wrote last week that Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas had signed on to star in the heist movie THE CODE, with Freeman as a veteran thief who hires Banderas to help him pull off one last job against the Russian mob. No word on who Mitchell will play, but my bet is some kind of love interest for Banderas' character. Maybe a femme fatale?

Perhaps I'm being shallow by assuming that Mrs. Mitchell doesn't covet the A List. But I'd suggest to Radha that if photographers following her everywhere she goes and crazed fans trying to scale the walls of her estate is something she desires, then she'd better star in a blockbuster or win herself an Oscar real quick.

Extra Tidbit: Woody Allen personally called Mitchell's phone to offer her a role in MELINDA AND MELINDA.
Source: Variety



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