Mitchell for Shrek 4

Mike Mitchell SKY HIGH and DEUCE BIGALOW director Mike Mitchell is currently in talks to lead a fourth round of fantasy-based pop culture references in DreamWorks' SHREK 4, tentatively titled SHREK GOES TO HOLLYWOOD. Should he land the gig, he'd be taking over the directorial reins from Chris Miller and Raman Hui, whose job it was to pack as many pop culture references as possible into SHREK THE THIRD. The fourth installment, which was written by Tim Sullivan, finds Shrek attempting to live a quiet life in his deliciously muddy swamp but a recent hit movie based on his prior shenanigans have made it impossible to live in sublime obscurity as he's now a veritable celebrity constantly hounded by paparazzi. Recruiting the services of a notorious bounty hunter named Aladdin, he sets off to Hollywood to put a stop to a sequel in production. Only none of that's true. The plot is currently unknown but we all know that plot is a near unnecessary annoyance when it comes to SHREK films. What matters is the presence of Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, and the recently popular Puss-In-Boots all engaged in an exorbitant amount of shenanigans that, you guessed it, reference pop culture with Puss having the additional task of being impossibly adorable. The aforementioned SHREK THE THIRD opens May 18th.

Extra Tidbit: SHREK 4 is soon to be followed by SHREK IN SPACE and SHREK 6: DONKEY'S REVENGE. (Again, not true, just trying to keep things light and frothy here, folks.)



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