Mitt Romney would want Gene Hackman to play him in a movie

Oh, Mittens. You so crazy.

During today's taping of LIVE! WITH KELLY AND MICHAEL, Mitt Romney named an actor he would like to play him in a movie, if one were ever made. While they don't look anything alike and maybe he should have hit him up 25 years ago, Romney said that Gene Hackman would make a good him. Maybe he's thinking of Lex Luthor...

He followed that up by saying that Michelle Pfeiffer should play his wife, Ann. That I can see. The real life subject always has a better looking actor counterpart, right? Ann is actually a pretty older lady. At least she doesn't look like Calista Gingrich. Scary. Put that face on the Slenderman, and you have nightmare fuel for the rest of your life.

The show will air on September 18th for those of you who are supporters of Romney, or are more curious of their "down to earth side" that they went on the show to display.

Who would you cast as Romney and his wife, Ann? What about Obama and Michelle?

Extra Tidbit: Did anyone see GAME CHANGE on HBO? Good stuff.
Source: Deadline



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