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Mona Lisa heist


Director Roger Donaldson's filmography is all over the place -- NO WAY OUT, COCKTAIL, SPECIES, DANTE'S PEAK, THIRTEEN DAYS -- but his next project seems to line up with his most recent one, the surprisingly fun Statham flick THE BANK JOB.

Donaldson is adapting Seymour Reit's book "THE DAY THEY STOLE THE MONA LISA," which rather bluntly describes the plot. The Phoenix Pictures film revolves around a conman and the theft of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting, which was mysteriously swiped from the Louvre in 1911, leaving police little evidence to follow. The painting resurfaced years later, when the thief attempted to sell it.

Which would make for a happy ending, except we now know that the painting holds secret clues about a giant conspiracy by the Catholic Church. Thanks a lot, Robert Langdon!

Extra Tidbit: In TIME BANDITS, the stolen Mona Lisa was inadvertently given to Robin Hood for redistribution to the poor.
Source: Variety



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