Monaghan gets Made

Michelle Monaghan One-time Tom Cruise cinematic Bride Unit Michelle Monaghan will have herself a slice of McDreamy pie when she stars opposite Patrick Dempsey in the romantic comedy MADE OF HONOR. Under director Paul Weiland and coming from a script by Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont, Monaghan and Dempsey will star as ten-year platonic friends who realize they're in love with each other after one of them makes a triumphant, last-minute declaration of love at the wedding of the other. Or something similarly generic. It's in the "lifelong platonic friends fall in love after one of them plans to marry someone else" genre. You can probably fill in the details yourself. Just add a few hijinks and embarrassing shenanigans and you've got the movie. Production is scheduled to begin in April. Monaghan can next be seen in the untitled Farrelly Brothers project and the Ben Afflect directorial debut GONE, BABY, GONE.

Extra Tidbit: After graduating from high school, Monaghan went to Chicago intent on studying Journalism.



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