Monaghan's Pet project

I gotta cop to using the same headline as The Hollywood Reporter, but when someone signs on to a movie called PET, how can you not? I was also just about to mention something about Dominic Monaghan's role as Charlie in ABC's LOST, but I would've found myself deep in spoiler territory, and I'm certain some of you would gun me down before I got out, so let's jut get straight to the news.

Monaghan has not had film success since his role as the hobbit Merry in the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, but it didn't really matter since Monaghan has been starring on one of the most talked-about shows in the history of television. He's now starting to pick up some film roles again, his newest one in PET, where Monaghan plays a dude who runs into his high school crush and becomes obsessed with her all over again. But this time instead of taking washroom breaks so he can walk by her biology class (I used to do it), he takes her hostage underneath the animal shelter where he works. The twist here is that he starts to suspect that she isn't who she seems to be. That's what you get for putting her on a pedestal, dude. They're never who you think they are. I'm talking to you, Michelle Myers.

Extra Tidbit: Monaghan is also starring in a 'period zombie flick' called I SELL THE DEAD, alongside Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman.



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