Monster Squad remake

Sometimes the most surprising thing about remakes is that nobody's done it yet -- such as high-concept 80s artifact MONSTER SQUAD.

Spooky Dan (who's actually a pretty nice fella) over at Bloody Disgusting hears that Paramount now has the remake rights, and apparently Rob Cohen got a taste for creature features while making THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR -- he's producing the update of the beastly nostalgia.

Fred Dekker's original flick (co-written by LETHAL WEAPON guy Shane Black and featuring FX work by Stan Winston) involves a group of middle-school misfits obsessed with creatures of the night. When Dracula blows into town for some evildoing with Frankenstein's monster, Wolfman (and his sensitive testicles), the Mummy and Gillman as his henchmen, it's up to the adolescent fiend-fighters to send Drac and his cronies back to the hell that spawned them.

Interesting that the property ended up at Paramount -- the creature designs are loosely based on Universal's famous monsters. Maybe they felt their back catalog was already thoroughly savaged "in house" by VAN HELSING.

Lionsgate released the original MONSTER SQUAD on DVD last year after it drifted in limbo for eons.
Extra Tidbit: Dekker's other 80s classic NIGHT OF THE CREEPS has still not made it to DVD.



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