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Monsters 2 moving forward with higher budget but a new director


As much as I wish all low budget sci-fi movies could turn out to be awesome, I wasn't too terribly impressed with MONSTERS. It was fine, but forgettable, and I certainly never expected it would spawn a sequel.

But that's just what's happened as the film is going forward, although without director Gareth Edwards. Rather he's being replaced by the duo of Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas.

No word on if any of the small cast is returning for the sequel, but it will take place inside the infected zone where presumably we'll get to meet more monsters.

The good news is that the production budget of the film has been increased from $1M to $5M which is kind of important when relying on CGI for creature effects.

Any interest in this?

Extra Tidbit: I'm still not quite certain about what happened at the end of the first film.
Source: Screen Daily



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