Monsters 2 unsure

Hugh Laurie before his morning coffee

You'd think a film like MONSTERS VS ALIENS, with $200M in domestic Box-office alone, would be sequelized faster than you can ask for butter on that popcorn. But in these precarious financial times, lights don't turn green so quickly anymore.

Dreamworks' Jeffrey Katzenberg, touching up on the studio's current state-of-wallet with The Hollywood Reporter, claimed the film didn't perform well enough outside U.S. to warrant a sequel right away. The current plan is to wait for the company's worldwide marketing tour to see how much more money can be made. "We want to talk to people that are on the ground," he said. Whatever THAT means...

Such "concerns" won't stop the principals involved from cashing in on the hit CGI film, with a Halloween special already planned on NBC for this fall, and the obligatory 3 or 4 initial DVD editions soon to hit the market.

Had I been a cynic, I would suspect the studio to be waiting for the film's voice stars to volunteer a pay cut for the sequel. In any case, no MvA rematch until a few years that's for sure.

Extra Tidbit: I want a Dr. Cockroach PhD spin-off! Hugh Laurie rocks!



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