Moon Volturi pics

I consider myself a TWILIGHT fan, but not one of the rabids. I know the flaws of the series: vampires shouldn't sparkle, the writing is trite, Bella is annoying, and there are WAY too many moments when guys take their shirts off. But still, I continue to go down the dark path that is Stephanie Meyer's books and divulge whatever need I have to keep reading.

Well, if you're down the same path as I, then you know how important the Volturi are to the series. For those of you who don't read the series, the Volturi are the oldest and largest vampire clan who reside in Italy. They are the most powerful therefore setting rules, guidelines, and laws for the rest of the vampires.

Today all solo character pics from the Volturi clan have showed up online and we have them all. Some of them are a little um, odd to me, but if you like Michael Sheen he's in the pics as Aro. Other Volturi members in NEW MOON include: Christopher Heyerdahl playing Marcus, Jamie Campbell Power as Caius, Dakota Fanning as Jane, and Cameron Bright as Alec.

Extra Tidbit: I will not try any Jedi mind tricks to get you to like TWILIGHT. That's beyond any power the force possesses.
Source: New Moon Movie



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