Moore screens homeless

Michael Moore's newest film CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY is going nationwide tomorrow and guess how he's making it special?

Moore had this to say in an open letter, "To kick off the national release of Capitalism: A Love Story, I've asked the studio to offer a number of screenings in the nation's hardest hit cities -- the ones with the highest unemployment rates and highest foreclosure rates -- where those who've lost their jobs or who are in foreclosure (or have already been evicted) may attend my film free of charge. They've agreed, and so tonight (Thursday), the night before our opening day, ten cities will grant you free admission if you have fallen on hard times."

That's rather kind of him, but is he doing it to be kind or because it'll make a hell of a news story? Surely not though, the guy already gets a mountain of publicity. Plus, he's also added 5 benefit screenings in order to raise money for local organizations in those towns.

I don't know if the homeless want to go see the movie, but if anything it gives them somewhere to sit and relax for 120 minutes. Here's the list of theaters it will be screened at as well as the letter in it's entirety.

Extra Tidbit: I don't know how to feel about Michael Moore at times. Sometimes I think that the guy is really on a mission to make a change, but on the other hand he seems like too smooth of a talker. Then again I don't know him so I can't really judge.



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